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Things You Can Do to Avoid the Holiday Flu!

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Have you caught your annual holiday cold or flu yet? If not, here are a few suggestions on how to help yourself when you’re feeling awful.

The “flu” and “cold” season can mean big profits for the drug industry but research is showing more people are turning to a more natural way to either prevent or at least help eliminate the most severe symptoms by purchasing and using “over the counter” supplements. These supplements should never be purchased for children!

Always remember whenever taking a drug or any kind that a cold and the flu are very different organisms and they will respond differently to medications: natural or man-made. Just a warning: the flu kills over 30,000 people a year according to

There are some things that people can do to help their symptoms. Although the “case is still out” on Vitamin C, for most people who take a one gram dose each day, it does help prevent colds. Some studies show that it can even help diminish the length of a cold so don’t be afraid to try taking it.

Although millions of people swear by taking Zinc during a cold the “jury is out” on its effectiveness. If you’re going to take it start as soon as your symptoms show up. Take them every two or three hours and take lozenges with nine to 24 milligrams each. Take zinc for as short a period of time as possible.

Garlic is another interesting supplement that people swear by and it is proven to stimulate the immune system. It’s best when it’s taken raw, crushed or minced but people who are taking blood thinners should be very cautious about using it.

Of course, the single best line of defense against seasonal flu’s is a flu shot. A flu shot is fast, easy, very safe, (though there are exceptions – consult with your doctor), and available at a number of locations. Call MCH at (909) 336-3651 for more information. Hopefully, you’ve already gotten your flu shot, or perhaps you are one of those people who believe that getting one will give you the flu? Rest assured, that won’t happen so go ahead, get your flu shot. It will go a long way toward making sure you (a) don’t get the flu or (b) if you do you won’t feel nearly as bad as you would if you hadn’t gotten one.

Did you know that each year about 50 million Americans get various forms of the flu? However difficult the flu can be it is overshadowed by colds. About one billion Americans will get a cold this year and many of those, of course, are children who pass it along to playmates, school-mates or their families.

Remember, seek advice from your MCH physician about the use of supplements, and getting a flu shot if you have any concerns or reservations. or any serious medical “issues.” For information call (909) 336-3651.